Since 1988, INOX-PULI S.L. offer the best service in the surfaces finished of stainless steel, whit semiautomatic process.

INOX-PULI S.L. plants are located, in L,Hospitalet de Llobregat and Sant Andreu de La Barca, in Barcelona´s area.

INOX-PULI SL. Have an important position in your sector, in the tubes polished and grinding whit semiautomatic process, and can be considered as the most important sup layer in this country.




Plant 1 for flat products ubicate at L¨Hospitalet de LLobregat(Barcelona)

Surface 1800 m2

Off ices and Administratión

8 Machines for grinding and polishing square pipes and flat products

2 cutting machines for sew at measure service

1 deburring machine

4 Aspiration and filtering equipment

3 Machines for hand polished and special parts.

1 Sheet grinding machine for parts to 500 mm wide and to 20 mm thickness

3 Overhead traveling crane for handling materials


Plant 2 for rounds tubes ubicate at Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona)

Surface useful 1400 m2 + 800 m2 for load truks

12 Machines for grinding and polish round tubes from 6 to 350 mm diameter

3 Aspiration and filtering equipment

1 Dock inner ship for loading and unloading trucks

2 Overhead traveling crane for handling materials.